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Systemise your Business

Choose from three levels to create your Procedures Manual to accurately reflect your business and move it to the next level.

FastTrack Option now available - get it done and dusted within 2 weeks

Business in a Box BIAB

Create your very own bespoke Procedures Manual for your business.

This comprehensive document will assist with

  • new staff induction
  • staff training
  • maintaining your standards, and
  • developing systems

Saving you and your business time & money.

So your business can operate without you in it and maybe, in time, be able to sell it.

Done By You - Templated document that you can populate with your details.

Done With You - With minimal input from you, we will create a bespoke electronic document for ease of printing and access.

Done For You - We will provide the full manual in both hard copy and electronically for ease of printing and access. All we need is a little of your time.

Add ons:

We know how easy it is to say 'I'll get this done, it won't take long' but then time passes by, plans don't become actions and the job never gets finished - but we've got you covered!

If you choose the Done By You or Done With You packages and life just gets in the way, you can simply upgrade or choose some add ons.

Done By You BIAB

Package 1 – Done by You - £150

This is a comprehensive template which includes headings and notes to help you create your very own Business Manual. The manual is fully editable for you to reflect your business setup, model and the systems in place and can therefore grow with you and your business in the future. A choice of covers to choose from too.

Add ons: Proofreading, formatting and printing available.

Done With You BIAB

Package 2 – Done With You - £400

You provide the content and we do the rest. We will complie, review, assess and create your Manual and then send it to you electronically.

Add ons: Printing available.


Looking for more flexibility and payment plans:

Done For You BIAB

Package 3 – Done For You - £1,200

This package includes all of the Done With You package.


A full briefing visit and a further half day visit to your premises to learn all about your business model.

This also includes taking screen shots or ‘How To’ videos; if these are required/ appropriate.

We will complete the manual with this information in a timely manner.

You will be required to provide ongoing information, descriptions and participate in discussions to ensure the Manual is an accurate reflection of your business.

You will initially receive a draft printed copy for editing as well as on a USB or saved to a cloud-based system i.e. Dropbox, and we will attend 4 weeks after delivery to review and agree any additions or edits.

We will then hand over a fully branded document for your business.


Looking for more flexibility and payment plans:

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